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Lack of Budget...

A B-movie has many characteristics of which the overriding theme is a relatively miniscule budget.


This one main factor is responsible for a long list of secondary characteristics including the following:

  1. Poor production including some of the worst special effects conceivable in a motion picture
  2. Bad acting
  3. Unknown actors and actresses or if they are knowm, they must be a member of the B-movie cabal of actors including the likes of Steven Segal, Lorenzo Lamas, Lance Henriksen, and Wesley Snipes
  4. Cover art that in no way relates to the actual movie and which purposely sets out to deceive and seduce the potential viewer with Photoshop'ed images of attacking spaceships, exploding planets, vampires, and ivory handled guns.
  5. A badly written and confusing script that either tries to be clever and intelligent or artsy and different. The end result is neither.
  6. An abundance of continuity errors and screw-ups that make you think the movie was filmed at the diretcors lakeside cottage with a bunch of drunken buddies.
  7. They go direct to video (DTV)
  8. They are frequently filmed in locales where American money can get more bang for the buck, and we're not talking fancy pants Toronto. Think more along the lines of Romania and other Eastern European countries.

100% Awesome

In addition, it's common to have one or all of the following:

  • A duration of as close to 90 minutes as possible or a duration that is embarassingly short such as 1 hour
  • An R rating
  • Gratuitous nudity including the man's penis and testicles which are rarely seen in Hollywood movies (with the exception of Kevin Bacon films)
  • Really gross gore
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