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Hitman (2007)

Action, Drama

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Entertainment: 81%B-Movieness: 37%
Quality: 58%Regret: 5%

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Hitman shoots at bad guys. Bad guys die. Some sort of plot to install an imposter as president of Russia gets foiled in the process.

Running Time: 100 min.
Movie Rating: R

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Eberts Thumb

Eberts Thumb

Quite possibly the best video game movie

Hitman is the best video game movie in recent years, and is now possibly my favorite video game movie, beating out Mortal Kombat. We'll have to see how time treats the two.

Hitman is about Agent 47 killing lots of people any way he can. The actual plot is that his own agency turns against him after a contract is taken out on him by the guy he just killed. In the process of getting his revenge, he picks up the girlfriend of his last hit to find out more about who is trying to kill him. Along the way, the pair are being chased by Interpol, the Russian Mafia, and other bald hit men with tattoos on the backs of their heads.

While their was some cringe worthy acting and the plot was a bit hard to follow, the reason Hitman worked is that it stayed true to the original vision of the game: you have a bald Hitman who kills people in plenty of unique ways. It didn't just use the name of the game and throw the rest away (see DooM) or cut it down to a PG-13 rating just to get into more theaters (see DooM). Instead people expecting to see Agent 47 taking care of business got to see Agent 47 taking care of business. I'm willing to give credit for Hitman being one of the best video game movies and an actual decent flick to executive producer Vin Diesel. Mostly because Vin Diesel is a huge nerd. Not only did he help with the game design of "Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay", but he wrote the forward to a book about Dungeons and Dragons. Well done Mr. Riddick.

If you played any of the Hitman games, even if you thought they could have been a whole lot better, go see this movie. Alternatively if you just want to see people getting whacked and gratuitous nudity, see this movie.

Eberts Thumb's Ratings
Entertainment: 85%B-Movieness: 50%
Quality: 50%Regret: 0%

El Chupacabra

El Chupacabra

I enjoyed the movie based on the video game more than I enjoyed the game

I have to agree with Ebert, this video-game-based movie was certainly among the better video-game-based movies. It was on the same level as Mortal Kombat and the first Resident Evil. Most importantly of all, it made a full-assed effort to stay true to the video game of the same name on which it was based.

My biggest complaint was the sneaking suspicion that some of the cast may have read the script the night before filming began. The stiff acting on Mr. Olyphant's part may have simply been his portrayal of an emotionally-unavailable, cold-blooded killer raised by government agents and who has the ability to turn off his conscience with the flip of a mental switch.

Hitman loyally represents the game's professional assassin who takes on dangerous missions and dispatches his targets with a lethal assortment of weapons and gadgetry.  There's a scene with a third person view of Agent 47's back that mimics the same view and swagger of Agent 47 from the video game. It's a lot more subtle than the first person viewpoint used in the movie DooM.

I found that I enjoyed Hitman the movie more than I enjoyed Hitman the game. The action was respectable and the plot provided enough reasons for Agent 47 to shoot people. I too noticed that Vin Diesel produced this movie and as a fan of Pitch Black, The Chronicles of Riddick, and The Pacifier, I am hopeful that this self-proclaimed geek will try his hand at another video-game-based movie.

El Chupacabra's Ratings
Entertainment: 76%B-Movieness: 24%
Quality: 65%Regret: 10%


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