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The Asylum

Arrow Bullet The Asylum (11)

The Asylum is a prolific producer of enjoyable B-movie knock-offs of Hollywood blockbusters. From Snakes on a Train to The Davinci Treasure, they have it covered. This category helps you find all their offerings.


Arrow Bullet Action (90)

For those of you who crave stock footage explosions and car chases full of 1986 Grand Marquis'.


Arrow Bullet Drama (41)

If a B-movie is really boring, that's probably because it has "drama".

Action Horror

Arrow Bullet Action Horror (47)

What do you get when you cross a movie directed by an ex-Power Ranger with a psycho killer wielding a baseball bat that has a saw blade welded to it? This section.


Arrow Bullet Comedy (22)

A less common category for B-movies, but nonetheless, there have been many attempts.


Arrow Bullet Foreign (18)

If the plot makes no sense it's either because it's subtitled, poorly dubbed, or it could just be a cultural thing. But sometimes, if it's that countries #1 box office movie, it might be really good!


Arrow Bullet Horror (52)

Zombies, demons, crazy axe/machete/fish hook/ wielding maniacs with domineering mothers and a chip on their shoulder because that guy in high school mocked their poorly developed vocabulary. They can all be found here.


Arrow Bullet Sci-fi (31)

If you thought the special effects in Babylon Five looked good and you have absolutely no scientific background, then you might not be frustrated by our science fiction category.

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