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Monday, 30 March 2009
Bump on Jean Claude Van Damme's Forehead

Van Damme seems to have a boil on his forehead. Here's what I found on it. The excerpt is taken from Google's cache of a site that is now gone authored by Vail Reese, M.D. The same author has started a new site where you can check out other skins afflictions amongst the rich and famous including JCVD's infamous forehead bump.

Van Damme's Darn Bump

"You may ask, just what is that lump doing on the forehead of action stupid-star, er, superstar Jean Claude Van Damme? Is this a residual bruise from a kick boxing match? Since this lesion is seen in many of his films, it is most likely a lipoma. Lipomas are common, deep, soft bumps or masses that can occur anywhere, but usually grow on the arms, legs, and trunk. Often they are symptom-less, but can cause sudden pain or itch. There may be cosmetic concerns. In certain locations, the non-cancerous collections of fat cells are considered deforming. Which brings us back to Van Damme. Why not remove such a large growth? It may be that the lump is not a lipoma, but is an overgrowth of bone or blood vessel tissue. And removal in any case would result in a scar. For whatever reason, we commend Mr. Van Damme's decision to not go changing. Besides, even if this is a lump of fat on his head, we doubt anyone will call him "fat-head." We would never do that, certainly."

Bump on Jean Claude Van Damme's Forehead Close-up
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