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Wednesday, 07 March 2007

Picure of Bucharest with Hollywood sign in backgroundThe BMDB just wants to bring to attention the growing popularity of Romania and its capital city of Bucharest as a B-movie production hub. No doubt due to the lower cost of filming, the greater lattitude while filming, and the reduced legislation. Where else can you conduct a car chase through the busy downtown streets without a permit or even letting anyone know? Just slip the local officials some nice, big American fifities and a bottle of Vodka and Bam!... Bob's your uncle. And Romania will be your uncle too if you're looking for the next great place to shoot your low-budget action movie because the glitz and glamour of Hollywood meant that you couldn't even afford the catering. Romania has leveraged their strengths to become the preeminent spot location for such B-movie bigwigs as Steve Seagal, Wesley Snipes, and Dolph Lundgren. I affectionately refer to it as Buchollywood (pronounced boo-colly-wood).

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