9 Laws of Physics That Do not Apply in Hollywood
Written by El Chupacabra   
Wednesday, 07 March 2007

The two hosts of the television show MythbustersFrom the article:

"In general, Hollywood filmmakers follow the laws of physics because they have no other choice. Its just when they cheat with special effects that we seem to forget how the world really works."

Seems to cover many myths that have been busted by the venerable Myth Busters including cars that blow up, bullets that leave sparks, and shotgun blasts that blow bad guys across the room.

One Hollywood bastardization of physics that I frequently see and that I wish the Mythbusters would tackle is the portrayal of fire hydrants as little metal caps barely holding back high pressure, 30 foot geysers. These little red buggers get knocked off in all manner of car chases only to have a powerful jet of water shoot straight into the air. Is there some law of physics that I'm missing? 

Read more about the 9 laws of physics that do not apply in Hollywood.


Jean-Claude Van Damme gives Kylie Minogue a Roundhouse Kick of Love
Written by El Chupacabra   
Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Van Damme Kicking CammyJean-Claude Van Damme has claimed that he and Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue "hooked" up on the set of Street Fighter. Although easily one of the worst bastardizations of a video game, at least Van Damme took something positive away from the experience. With moves like these, how could Kylie Minogue refuse. I'm also assuming he threatened her with several Sonic Booms and possibly a Sonic Uppercut!


Lorenzo Lamas Prettier than Vanna
Written by El Chupacabra   
Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Lorenzo Lamas on Wheel of FortuneMove Over Vanna White... It's Lorenzo Lamas! Lorenzo shows that he's not just another pretty face during an episode of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune that aired some time ago.

Wesley Crusher's 70's B Movie Drinking Games
Written by Eberts Thumb   
Tuesday, 16 January 2007
Wesley CrusherWil Wheaton, best known as Star Trek TNG's Wesley Crusher, gives us his list of 70s guilty pleasures. Since I was only alive for one year during the 70s, I'm not sure how they were received, but if they were released today, they'd fit nicely into the B movie category. Mostly because a lot of them star Charlton Heston at his most over-acting. Link
Steven Seagal Sings the Blues
Written by El Chupacabra   
Wednesday, 03 January 2007
Steven Segal Wailing on his AxeSteven Seagal, the consumate artist, is on his way to being a triple threat. He's got acting, he's got ass kicking, and now he's got singing. All that remains is dancing and he's set. Maybe we'll see him on Dancing with the Stars... As long as his dance partner can resist his sex appeal and dodge those sweet Aikido moves.
Borat: 1, Bigots: 0
Written by Eberts Thumb   
Tuesday, 12 December 2006
Borat with two thumbs up

Kids, if a movie production tells you to get drunk and go on a racist rant, don't believe them when they tell you in won't be shown in your home country. And with the Internet, you'll wind up on YouTube if your scene is at all interesting. Thats what two drunken frat boys from South Carolina found out the hard way.


Wesley Snipes Arrested
Written by Eberts Thumb   
Saturday, 09 December 2006
Wesley Snipes ArrestedLooks like Wesley Snipes returned to Florida to face charges of tax evasion. He must have struck a deal with the Feds because he was able to fly back to Namibia and finish his movie. When he returns he has to surrender his passport and limit where he travels. Snipes faces up to 16 years in jail, but will most likely have all his stuff auctioned off. Source
Kramer recalls fond memories when black people hung from trees
Written by El Chupacabra   
Monday, 27 November 2006
Kramer as racist?

The title above should be delivered with a dry sarcasm. It is upsetting that Micheael Richards had to taint everybody's collection of Seinfeld DVDs, but I think the majority of people won't be tossing out their Seinfeld episodes quite yet... Like the one where Kramer drops an oil filled balloon out Jerry's window. What a k-k-k-razy guy! To tie this in to B-movies, Michael Richards co-starred in the cult classic UHF with Weird Al Yankovic, who is allowed to use the "N" word because he is straight outta Lynwood .

Incidentally, I was also curious about what was said that sent him into such a tirade. One stand-up comic takes an interesting approach, but I don't think it quite removes the fork from Kramer's ass.

See the video taken on that night. Lucky for Kramer, he decided to drop the mic and turn tail.

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