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Who cares if a movie cost $20,000 or $200,000,000 to make. It all eventually boils down to how enjoyable your viewing experience was. We rate movies on how much fun we had watching them. This includes having fun laughing at how terrible they are and mocking every scene mercilessly.


Hey, not all movies are B-movies and sometimes we rent ones that went somewhere before video (i.e., theatres). This rating let's you know the concordance with what puts the B in B-movie


This rating category sums up the production quality of the movie. Cardboard sets, sound tracks that require the amplifier to be at max to hear the dialogue, and computer animations done on an Amiga generally result in lower ratings of quality.


Arguably the inverse of Entertainment, the regret factor lets you know how bitter we are about wasting our life. Counterintuitively, there are times when a movie is entertaining and yet also makes us regret ever having watched it. Chalk it up to quantum super-string theory or something...


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