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Definitions of common B-movie terms.


Stands for direct-to-video and signifies a contemporary B-movie that usually has a lower budget, bypasses the cinema channel, and ends up directly on your local video store's shelf.

PtM Moment:

A "pause the movie" moment in which to capture something funny, a continuity error, or some bad special effects.


An actor whose resume mainly consists of chessy horror movies and will on ocassion co star in an A-list movie. ie Bruce Campbell.


Stands for video game based movie. Tends to be a higher budget movie then most B-movies due to the video game, but the transition from game to movie results in some aspects of the story being lost.

Scream Queen:

Female actors who only star in horror movies and whose acting skill requires them to either scream alot and eventually die.

Cannon Fodder:

Extra whom are brought into the story so that the psycho killer can rack up a decent body count before confronting the movie's protaganist.

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