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What is the BMDB?

The BMDB is the B-movie database. It is a site dedicated to reviewing B-movies and educating users about these "special" type of films.

To fully understand this site you need to understand the B-movie. The B-movie is a movie that generally does not go through the same Hollywood channels as A-movies. It has lower production values, unknown talent, and sometimes deceptive marketing. We aid individuals who wish to select a B-movie on which to waste their time. With our reviews, you can make sure you waste your time in the most regrettable way.

What We Do

Every Friday we review a new B-movie. We have four reviewers at this time, each of whom gives their shrewd and sagacious deconstruction of each movie's plot, production, acting, and other notable characteristics. Sometimes this analysis is full of poor grammar and punctuation and sometimes it seems to be coming from a child, but that is the toll that B-movies can take on a person's mind! We hope in every case, you will learn to appreciate our effort or lack-thereof.

Getting Started

To get started, select a movie category. You can also peruse our various articles and helpful information in order to give you a background on the B-movie phenomenon.

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